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Treat Yourself For The Holidays

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Here is a complete list of the kitchen must-haves that I think are great to help spruce up your kitchen and to take your cooking to the next level!

  1. Ramekins - This is a set of 4 porcelain ramekins, perfect for preparing, cooking, and serving dishes. If you're feeling ambitious, then these are ideal for things like crème brûlée and soufflés!

  2. Mini Spatulas - Scraping and scooping food becomes even easier with the stainless steel paintbrush-style handles and super hygienic silicone heads

  3. Pastry Brush - Even though it's called a pastry brush, you can use this to add egg or butter washes to any dish you're making

  4. Staub Dutch Oven - This is one of those pieces that will last you a lifetime and then some! Cast iron on the inside, oven-safe, big enough to feed an army - this oven will handle everything you need

  5. Citrus Juicer - Super easy to use, this juicer makes sure you get all the juice - and only juice - from your favorite fresh citrus fruits

  6. Meat Thermometer - Probably the smartest thermometer you'll ever find, it will measure the internal temperature of your meat, and also remember how you like things cooked later!

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