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Meal Prepping Secret Weapon

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I am a big meal prepper, every Sunday I finalize our menu for the week and have our grocery list ready to rock. My unbelievable husband then heads to the Central Market on Sunday evenings and does the shopping for us while listening to a podcast. The process of figuring out what to eat and then making the grocery list used to take me hours - I am just inherently not an organized person. Basically my whole life changed when I discovered the app AnyList a few years ago, we have become obsessed and now the process takes maybe 10 minutes. This is completely not sponsored, I just love that app and wanted to share this great tool from our family to yours!

Another perk of the app is that it is a great place to keep all the recipes you find online and quickly add those recipes to your calendar in the app - then each ingredient can be easily added to your grocery list.

We're able to make lots of different lists too - we have one for Central Market, one for Costco, and one for Trader Joe's. If I'm entertaining, (hah, life before Covid) I would create a list just for that event since I would often buy ingredients from multiples stores and purveyors.

Here is our standard grocery list for Costco:

Other amazing perks of the app:

  1. Ingredients combine automatically. If three recipes each call for garlic cloves, AnyList will now combine them into a single line item (it’s a feature in the app’s new update!), adding up the total quantity.

  2. Lists are shareable. You can share individual lists, like the grocery list, with family, friends, or roommates (so everyone can pitch in!), while keeping other lists private.

Hope you find as much fun and success with this app as we have!

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