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Thanksgiving Menu Planning and Prep

This is my first year to host and cook Thanksgiving. Normally, my family makes the pilgrimage (pun intended) up to NYC for the holiday each year to spend it with my college friends and family who live there. We always see 2 Broadway plays, eat our hearts out, and sip on hot chocolate in the Plaza lobby like it's water. This year, like so many other families, we will just have to pivot. I am equally excited and nervous to put together my first Thanksgiving meal here in Dallas! I am not having any help, other than Eric smoking the turkey on our Big Green Egg.

The guest list will be very small to keep everyone safe and healthy from the 'rona. We will just be having both sets of our parents, so I am cooking for a total of 6 adults and 1 tiny little cutie pie, Aaron. Everyone will be tested for COVID-19 in advance of the meal, and if the weather is lovely I hope we can dine al fresco!

My first matter of business was putting the menu together, and since I am extra, I paid $3 for a menu template on Etsy.

If you want to create any of the above recipes please follow the links below for the recipes I'll be using:

From there I added all of the recipes to my AnyList app and created 2 grocery lists: one for nonperishables that I could buy in advance, and one for perishables that I need to buy closer to the big day.

Then I scheduled out when I want to make everything:

  • Sunday, November 22: Make the coffee ice cream

  • Monday, November 23: Set the table

  • Tuesday, November 24: Prepare the ingredients for the stuffing, sweet potatoes, and gravy to be cooked on Thursday. Prepare the cranberry sauce.

  • Wednesday, November 25: Brine the turkey. Prep the parker house rolls and keep them in the fridge until you're ready to bake, prepare the green beans to be cooked tomorrow, and chop up your salad ingredients

  • Thursday Morning: Wash off the turkey and pop it in the Egg. Make the Tarte Tatin. Freak out (just kidding, I got this), but pass the pumpkin beer!

  • Thursday Afternoon: Cook everything else - stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans, and gravy. Assemble your salad. Get ready for your guests to arrive

  • Thursday Early Evening: Eat! Drink! And be #thankful

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